Never forget that we too run a business – so we know the pressures that clients are under.

One pressure that we don’t experience is on payroll – because we have it dealt with by our highly-regarded payroll team.

So, if we have that much confidence in our payroll team then you should be able to too.

Our payroll service includes the creation of payslips (a legal requirement, and something that the free Revenue software does not provide) and dealing with the complexities of the Auto Enrolment pension rules – where we can even help you find a suitable provider.

And you’ll be surprised how little it costs to have the worry of payroll taken off you.

We also have a specialist Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) manager who can run your CIS scheme for you and advise on all of its complexities (and if you’re in the building trade there’s a good chance you should be operating CIS, even if you aren’t now).

To discover how you could benefit from our comprehensive payroll and CIS service, please contact us.

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