Meet the team

Peter Reynolds


Experience: Having trained with KPMG in London, Peter had the chance to enjoy life in Herefordshire – and took it. Peter has clients locally and further afield; Afghanistan and St Helena are just some of the tax hotspots he has advised on. Peter has the thankless role of IT manager for the firm – so can often be found in the office late at night muttering at a blue screen.

Qualifications: Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales and of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants. Law degree from Birmingham University.

Hobbies: Old houses, old cars – in fact just about anything old. Possibly something to do with being old himself?

Carl Davies


Experience: Carl was brought up on a farm in rural mid-Wales. Known for his spreadsheets, Carl has, on many occasions, saved clients and the firm with his levels of organisation. As you might expect, Carl looks after many farms and other rural businesses.

Qualifications: Fellow of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Hobbies: Bowls, bowls and more bowls – and beer when he can get it.

Brydie Prime


Experience: another staff member who joined the firm from school, Brydie did in fact leave to pursue a career elsewhere – only to be back within a month. Subsequently Brydie qualified as a Chartered Certified Accountant and now looks after a diverse range of clients large and small. If you want a sensible head, or if you want a laugh, Brydie is your person.

Qualifications: Associate of the Chartered Certified Accountants

Hobbies: With two small children Brydie should have no time for hobbies. Somehow though she does: you can find her limbering up for some sort of exercise-related event – running being her latest passion. That’s when she’s not down at Weight Watchers losing an imaginary few pounds. Or down the pub drinking gin.

Tim Hough

Audit Manager

Experience: Tim joined the firm in 2009 – making him a relatively new boy. Tim has a broad portfolio of business clients, which he combines with his role as manager of the firm’s audits. He also runs the firm’s lottery syndicate: it’s thanks to his skills at losing numbers that the other staff are still in work!

Qualifications: Associate of the Institute of Chartered Accountants

Hobbies: Tim’s great passion in life is Wolverhampton Wanderers – something that at times is a lonely occupation.

Lucy Elvins

Client Manager

Experience: Yet another school leaver, Lucy joined the firm with the aim of passing her Chartered Certified exams – and succeeded big-time, with first-time passes at every level. Along with her client portfolio, Lucy is a qualified Quickbooks Advanced Proadvisor and is our lead Quickbooks champion.

Qualifications: Associate of the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants

Hobbies: Lucy is an animal lover, as well as an accomplished horse-woman. She also managed to wangle unpaid leave for several months to tour Australia – though like a boomerang she came right back.

Diane Davies

Client Manager

Experience: Di joined the firm as a sixteen-year-old – and likes to think she’s sixteen still. Her huge experience proves otherwise – though her popularity with clients fails to diminish with age. Known in the office as Mrs Fixit, if you have an accounting problem, Di can probably fix it for you – and make your life simpler at the same time. What Di doesn’t know about both the Sage desktop and cloud products isn’t worth knowing – so it’s no surprise that she is also one of our two Sage champions. Just to prove her versatility though, she’s also a qualified Quickbooks ProAdvisor.

Hobbies: Di has a second career most evenings as a builder’s mate; if you want a hod carrier or a cement mixer she’s your girl. Her husband thinks he’s the one responsible for their house extension; Di knows otherwise.

Tracey Griffiths

Client Manager

Experience: Having experienced a life elsewhere, Tracey joined the firm X years ago and now looks after a portfolio of clients, as well as supporting Carl Davies on a number of his clients. She is a Xero champion, with the qualifications to match, as well as being a qualified Quickbooks Advanced ProAdvisor.

Qualifications: Certified Accounting Technician

Hobbies: Tracey loves nothing more than a good book – and it shows: she is a regular winner of the office quizzes that have featured at the end of a hard day’s outing. That or she’s a dab hand with Google…!

Pam Mann

Client Manager

Experience: Pam joined the firm from Lloyds Bank and now looks after a wide range of clients, as well as having a special interest in charity accounts. She is also one of our qualified Quickbooks ProAdvisors – as well as having a strong knowledge of the Sage cloud products and being one of our two Sage champions. One of our Welsh staff members, Pam always brings us daffodils on St David’s Day.

Hobbies: Pam is an ardent follower of Hereford United; some would say she is THE ardent follower. She also has a love of jazz and knitting – sometimes at the same time.

Sandra Stevens

Client Manager

Experience: Sandra was head-hunted from Woolworths over forty years ago – and is now the firm’s medal-winner for long service. That’s not to say that she’s behind the times: she recently qualified as a Quickbooks ProAdvisor and runs Sage cloud accounting for her husband’s business. Married to a farmer, what Sandra doesn’t know about farm accounts isn’t worth knowing.

Hobbies: Sandra’s abiding passion is fashion: her knowledge is limitless, as – it seems – is her wardrobe.

Charlotte Beamond

Accounts Assistant

Experience: Charlotte joined the firm after college and started down the Accounting Technician qualification. It soon became clear though where her interest – and her abilities – lay, so now she’s studying hard for the Chartered Certified exams instead. A Quickbooks Advanced ProAdvisor, Charlotte is also one of the firm’s three Quickbooks champions, getting involved with setting clients up on the software and training them.

Hobbies: Having studied photography at college Charlotte, not surprisingly, is something of a photographer – when she’s not organising things: her experience in marshalling her friends has been invaluable in sorting out the office social functions. She also has a special interest in tacky souvenirs, and can be found at Christmas dressed as an elf. And she likes gin – preferably pink.

Jake Waterhouse

Accounts Assistant

Experience: Jake is the newest member of the team. Recruited from a brewery (yes, we too wonder why he thought accountancy was more interesting), Jake had already put himself through his exams and wanted to get practical experience in accountancy. He tells us it’s very different. A Quickbooks ProAdvisor, Jake handles all sorts of accounts and tax issues.

Qualifications: Member of the Association of Accounting Technicians

Hobbies: Jake is an expert on all things caravanning. He also has a keen interest in all things vintage – so as you might imagine he’s the proud owner of vintage caravans!

David Walker

Payroll Manager

Experience: Yet another staff member who joined from school and stayed, David is in charge of running well over 140 payrolls, for clients and for non-clients. Ever calm under pressure, David is hugely well-thought of by clients – that is when he’s not munching his way through his drawerful of chocolate.

Hobbies: As a new father, David’s time is fully taken up with nappy-life. In his BB days (Before Baby), David had a keen interest in cars – though living up a steep hill has taught him why rear wheel drive and winter are not a good combination.

Tax Manager

We have a tax manager but they’ve asked us not to say anything about them. Shhhh…

Kim Rogers

Accounts Assistant

Experience: Kim (known in the office as Mrs Kim from the days when we had a Mr Kim as well) joined us from the council as our administration assistant. Despite her council background she always has a smile ready – as you’ll see from her picture. Nowadays she’s an expert at getting the basics of peoples’ books right, often using the latest scanning techniques to turn paper bank sheets into accounts. Her next assignment will be to turn water into wine.

Hobbies: Kim is a fearsome knitter; she and Pam compete to fully clothe each new office baby. Plans for an office knitathon had to be shelved though when Kim threatened to knit her own resignation letter if either of them lost.

Jenna Hossbach

Accounts Assistant

Experience: Jenna is the newest member of the team. Having helped her partner Andrew with his online books for no pay at all, Jenna got the taste for getting paid for doing the same sort of thing with us. And, as Andrew was a client and we’d therefore seen Jenna’s work, we were very happy to oblige.

Hobbies: Jenna’s got a full-on family life - it’s why she comes to work! The odd drink doesn’t go amiss though…’

Sharon Reeves

Practice Manager

Experience: Sharon has been with the firm for longer than she prefers to say – or ever imagined. When she’s not working on reception she handles the company secretarial work, as well as making sure that things get done – this website included!

Hobbies: Sharon loves nothing more than a dose of sunshine and a glass of prosecco – or two. That’s when she’s not running around after her two children, or doing a charity hike.

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