Bookkeeping (interesting word, three double letters, all in a row) is about as descriptive as bookmaking is – ie not very much at all.

Nowadays there are no big heavy leather-bound ledgers (though we have some as mementos from the past if you’d like to see them); books of account are usually in an online package like Quickbooks, Sage or Xero.

These new contenders have changed the game – whereas in the past getting Dyke Ruscoe to keep your books was relatively costly, now with the advent of bank feeds (where your bank statements automatically show in your books, and can even be annotated automatically too), getting us to do your bookkeeping is a real option.

Follow the simple steps and there’s every chance that we can do your bookkeeping and your accounts for the same money as you pay for just your accounts.

There’s no magic to it: it’s simply that as experts (or so we’d like to think) we’re less likely to make the mistakes you do – and mistakes cost money when it comes to having your accounts done.

This sort of service allows you to just get on with running your business, leaving us to do your bookkeeping and accounts.

For more information on our bookkeeping service, please get in touch.

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