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We're accountants, yes - but hopefully we’re something a bit more than the usual - so please read on...

Based in the beautiful country towns of Ludlow, Tenbury Wells and Craven Arms, we look after a wide range of small and medium-sized businesses, as well as individuals from all walks of life.

We do accounts and tax returns and VAT work. We also help with fundraising for growing businesses, and we have a special expertise in computer accounts packages, especially Sage and Quickbooks.

Most of all, we're interested in our clients, the large ones and the small ones - after all, if our clients prosper, then so should we.

At heart we're country boys and girls - so we'll be straight with you. That means that we’ll tell you how it is, even if we know that you might not like what you hear.

And it means that we’ll tell you upfront what we’ll cost you. Our founders, Mr Dyke, Mr Ruscoe and Mr Hayes (all sadly long since dead and gone) would be proud of that!

If that’s enough for you then please contact us now for more information. If not then read on and see if we can persuade you.

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We’re not Marmite – but we’re not for everyone. Which is why we offer the first meeting for free – with no time limit and no annoying chasing if you decide you don't like us.

And the meeting isn’t a sales pitch: if we can sort your problem there and then we will, and you can genuinely walk away without paying a bean.

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Why do we do that? Because we want you to try us out - but, just as much, because we want to try you out.

So, if you like what you see and want to find out more simply call, e-mail or drop in to any one of our offices in Ludlow, Tenbury Wells or Craven Arms to book your free consultation.

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