Every business has to have up-to-date and accurate accounts. That’s not us saying that – that’s what the Revenue say.

Here at Dyke Ruscoe we prepare accounts for all sorts of businesses, ranging from sole traders and SMEs to partnerships and limited companies. We know about farm accounts, manufacturing, retail, lawyers, contractors, doctors, charities: you name it, we’ve probably done accounts for it.

We understand that the day-to-day running of any business is demanding (after all, we run one too); like you, our time is often better spent getting on with what we specialise in and getting specialists in to help us. We can all DIY; for some things though it’s actually cheaper to get an expert, particularly if they have the tools that you lack.

We’re big on computerised accounts: check out our credentials as Quickbooks Advisors, or ask us a question on Sage – we probably know the answer.

We can help you with annual accounts, management accounts and completing your VAT and PAYE records. We can also help you to handle an investigation by HMRC, and complete and file your self-assessment tax returns.

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